10% Off Rouge Bunny Rouge at Zuneta with Perilously Pale!

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As the creator of so many new Rouge Bunny Rouge addicts and lemmings on Perilously Pale I thought it only fair to offer my readers a little something to make up for my hardships on your wallet. Save 10% off your Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase at Zuneta.com courtesy of Perilously Pale with the discount code PERILRBR! Don't forget to create an account and log in to shop. If you are outside of the UK you need to be logged in so your location is known. If outside the UK the VAT tax is removed from the purchase price and the prices are greatly reduced!

Here is a little Rouge Bunny Rouge eye candy for you. You can click to enlarge.

You can also click here to scroll through some of my Rouge Bunny Rouge reviews and looks of the day. The code is valid until July 16th, 2012.


Christa xo