shu uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil Skin Purifier Review

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It has been 45 years since shu uemura launched it's first cleansing oil Unmask in 1967. Pioneering makeup artist Shu Uemura believed that cleansing oils represented one of the most important and essential items for beautiful skin. Beautiful skin is the foundation for beautiful makeup.

The beauty of cleansing oil is that it is the most effective to remove all impurities, and it creates the best skin condition.

The introduction of the new Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil brings us maximized removability and premium skincare benefits as the result of extensive research and numerous experiments. The Ultime8 Complex is a combination of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils designed to target 8 different skincare concerns.

  • Jojoba - skin renewal
  • Olive - anti-oxidation
  • Ginger Root - anti-wrinkle
  • Shea Butter - brightening
  • Camellia - nourishing
  • Safflower - skin barrier
  • Soy - vitalizing
  • Corn - hydration

Ultime8 really is the ultimate. I am a devote user of cleansing oils as I find no other cleanser or remover removes my makeup as fully or leaves my skin feeling healthier. I posted about my holy grail oil cleanser with my review of MAC Cleanse Off Oil, but that spot on the holy grail list has now been claimed by this indulgent new offering from shu uemura. Using this product feels almost like a spa treatment. Not only is the texture divine but the scent is so luxurious. It is not scented in a perfumey way, because I don't even care for scented skincare, but instead has just the most heavenly subtle aroma. It removes every stitch of makeup, including tightlined eyeliner and waterproof mascara. My skin is feeling more and more supple and radiant the longer I use it. I am enamoured.

And now the best part. MAC Cleanse Off Oil is $34 for 150ml which works out to $0.23/ml, while the shu uemura ultime8 is $98 for the 450 ml bottle, which works out to $0.22/ml. The extravagant, indulgent shu uemura ultime8 Cleansing Oil works out to be CHEAPER than MAC! Woo hoo! I feel vindicated. I feared that my practical and poor self would not be able to justify purchasing a replacement bottle of this once it runs out but I can now guarantee you that it will be happening. There is also a 150ml size available for $48. I like my giant sized 450 ml version though. The bottle is beautiful and one pump is plenty. The directions call for more pumps but I wonder if the same directions are included on the smaller bottle and the bigger bottle = bigger pump = less pumps required. This bottle will be lasting me a long, long time.

Available in Canada exclusively at Holt Renfrew in August 2012.

Product sent by the company for my consideration. All reviews are always my own honest and unbiased opinions.