Pink Papaya Skincare Review ~ Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme and Serum C Radiance Boost

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When I was contacted by a representative for Pink Papaya I had never heard of the brand. When I started perusing their website and looking more into the products they offered I couldn't help but be intrigued and decided to test out a couple of the products from their skincare line. The formulas and ingredients looked really wonderful. Pink Papaya is a company that offers natural home spa and beauty products that are made in the USA utilizing the finest ingredients available with no animal testing. Their products are sold exclusively through a network of Independent Consultants.

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The two products I decided to test out are the Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme and the Serum C Radiance Boost.

Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme
This regenerative, lusciously decadent night creme has a complex of restorative fruit oils infused within this extraordinary formula packed with age-defying ingredients, pequi oil's unique combination of fatty acids makes it highly moisturizing and drenches parched skin, buriti oil is packed with carontenoids, one of the richest sources of vitamin A, increasing skin's elasticity, cranberry oil is an excellent anti-oxidant with a perfect balance of omegas allowing it to easily penetrate the skin. Powerhouse formula of resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract help repair aging skin. 1oz $ 48

Serum C Radiance Boost
A 100% natural serum with stabilized vitamin C serum that counters signs of aging and enhances skin's radiance. Moisturizes with oat kernel and alfalfa extracts; licorice extract calms and soothes, white tea, myrtus communis leaf and raspberry extracts act as powerful anti-oxidants, sodium hyaluronate deeply hydrates, and glycolic acid exfoliates outer layer of dry, rough skin. 0.5oz $42

 Pink Papaya Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme

Pink Papaya Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme

 Pink Papaya Serum C Radiance Boost

Pink Papaya Serum C Radiance Boost

I can best sum up my experience with these products by telling you that they are both completely empty now. Gone. Done. Being a beauty blogger, who is frequently provided skincare products for review, I usually test the products out for a period of 3-4 weeks to get a good feel for the products for review and then I move on to the next products waiting to be reviewed. It isn't often I am so happy with a product that I put my testing schedule on hold to finish a product in it's entirety. I mean these products didn't totally erase my signs of aging and dry skin but they did a better job than most products I have tried and I really enjoyed using them. The Serum C Radiance Boost is a lovely serum that is absorbed right into the skin. The Ultra Luxe Night Repair Cream feels light yet moisturizes wonderfully. They have light natural scents and caused me no irritation or issue. I was really pleased with the improvement I saw in my skin and wouldn't hesitate to try more from the line.

The only drawback is that as of right now Pink Papaya is only available in the US and it is only available through a consultant. I hope that they will consider making online ordering an option in the future. You can find a consultant near you, and more information about their products, on their website.

*Products provided for my consideration. All reviews are always my own honest and unbiased opinions.