MaskerAide Hydrating Sheet Mask Weather Warrior Review

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Have you tried a sheet mask yet? They are all the rage in Asia and like BB Creams are starting to make more of an appearance in North America. MaskerAide is a Canadian brand that is bringing Sheet Masks to Canadians in a fun and effective way. The lineup consists of six hydrating facial sheet masks.

There are three cream based masks (Beauty Rest'ore, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, and Weather Warrior), and three clear serum based masks (All Nighter, Detox Diva, and Pre Party Prep). I decided to try the Weather Warrior sheet mask first as my skin was irritated and peeling from beginning a new retinol treatment and it is formulated to calm, soothe, and heal stressed out skin.

Whether you’ve spent the day baking on the beach or skiing down the slopes, your skin has taken a beating. Exposure to damaging elements such as harmful UV rays, wind and extreme cold can leave your skin dry, flaky and screaming SOS! Caring for and moisturizing your skin after exposure to the elements is essential. Apply our WEATHER WARRIOR mask with Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Argan Oil to help soothe, calm and heal your skin allowing it to breathe a sigh of relief.

I was really happy with the experience of pampering myself with the MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask ($4.99 CAD). It felt cool and refreshing on my skin and left it feeling hydrated, plump, and radiant. They are also very generous with the product. There was lots of extra cream in the packet for me to apply to my neck and decolete and after taking the facial mask off I actually rubbed it on my arms and legs to make the most of lovely cream. I can't wait to try out the other cream and serum based facial sheet masks from MaskerAide. I will keep you posted! How about you? Have you ever tried a sheet mask?

You can purchase the MaskerAide Facial Sheet Masks online at the MaskerAide online store.