Maijan 100% Moroccan Organic Argan Oil Review

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I don't know about you but when I was trying to find an Argan Oil treatment for my hair it seemed impossible to find one that wasn't full of silicone. Not only that but most of them seemed to contain more silicone than Argan Oil! Well Maijan has a solution with their 100% Moroccan Argan Oil. The only ingredients are argan oil and a little bit of Vitamin E (I'm assuming as a preservative). They do have other serums and treatments available that do contain silicone so there are lots of options depending on the needs of your hair and skin.

Maijan 100% Moroccan Argan Oil, fragrance free, is the perfect solution to healthy hair and skin. This miracle golden Organic Argan Oil helps soothe and soften both dry and frizzy hair and trouble skin. Maijan's 100% Organic Argan Oil gives your hair and skin a sense of pure luxury like none other.

I love that this is the pure oil. I can do so much with it. I have put it on my hair and slept with it in as an overnight treatment. This was amazing. My hair felt so amazingly thick and healthy after I washed it out the next morning. You can also add a few drops to your current conditioner but I didn't want to do this as I am currently testing my Shampoo and Conditioner and didn't want to alter their effects.

I think my favourite way to use the Maijan 100% Moroccan Argan Oil has been on my skin. I have been using it on my cuticles and some rough areas I get on the top of my toes and it has made a dramatic improvement. I finally have smooth healthy cuticles instead of the haggard, dry, hard cuticles I have always struggled with. If you have problems with dry and tough skin on your knees, elbows, or any area of your skin this Argan Oil will be your saviour!

The Maijan 100% Moroccan Argan Oil feels great and absorbs well. I have been so tempted to try this on my face but I still feel weird about the idea of putting oil on my face (outside of oil cleansing). I know my parched skin would probably love me for it so I don't know I should at least give it a shot. My only small complaint about the oil is that it doesn't have the nicest scent. It's not bad but I just don't find it all that pleasant. This is because it is pure Argan Oil though and fragrance free. Argan Oil by nature just doesn't smell the best. Again I only consider this a small issue. It is mild and hasn't in any way impeded my desire to use this miracle in a bottle.

For more information on the rest of the product line or where to buy you can check out the Maijan website.

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