At Home Facial Peels. Have You? Would You?

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Have you ever tried an at home facial peel? I have never had a facial peel. Be it done on location by a professional or at home. I have always wanted to try a facial peel to see if it would improve my skin's tone and texture but the expense and inconvenience has kept me from trying it. I'm sure living in big metropolitan areas it is easier to find affordably priced options but living in a rural area as I do it can get quite pricey. That is why I like the idea of trying it at home. The Brazilian Peel is a one month system of 4 weekly peel treatments that you can do at home and it's available at Sephora. It was named one of Allure magazine's Best Beauty Breakthroughs in 2010, and has good ratings on Sephora, so I feel fairly confident giving this 30 percent Glycolic Acid peel a try. I'm going to be testing this out but in the meantime I would love to hear your experiences with facial peels and whether you have ever tried an at home version? Were you happy with the experience? Would you try it again?