Astral Original Cream and New Astral Light & Creamy Review

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Have you heard of Astral Original Cream? it is an all over moisturizer that has been around (and remained unchanged) for decades. It is geared towards more mature skin and claims that:

Because skin becomes more sensitive as we age, the products we use need to be gentler. This means that some ingredients found in 'anti-ageing' products can actually irritate your skin. Although claims about 'miracle' ingredients can be tempting, you can't stop the clock. What you can do is give your skin the care it needs now.

It contains very basic, yet effective, ingredients. It is a rich moisturizer that also serves protective functions. It's main ingredients are glycerin and lanolin that are both very effective and tried and true moisturizers. I happen to love the effects of lanolin on my skin. You may remember my unusual post about my holy grail lip balm here

I don't think I'm prepared to give up on my hopes for anti aging ingredients in my skin care but I did not test this out on my face. I have been using it exclusively as my body moisturizer for weeks and I've been extremely happy with it. It does have a scent which strikes me as very old fashioned. Not in the negative way that you may be thinking. I don't get an old lady vibe from it at all. It is a classic, nostalgic scent that doesn't linger too long. It is a very rich cream that doesn't leave you feeling too greasy but rather silky. My skin has been very healthy and balanced with it's continued use.

There is also a brand new version of Astral. Astral Light & Creamy. It is still intensely hydrating but does so with a lighter feel, and a new lighter fresh fragrance. It contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Aloe Vera is perfect for sensitive skin and helps improve skin tone and stimulates cell renewal. Vitamin E helps reduce the appearance of skin discolourations such as ages spots, scars, and stretch marks. All these soothing and moisturizing abilities make it ideal for sensitive skin. You may wonder how a cream in a tub could possibly feel light but the cream melts into the skin on application feeling indeed very light and the scent is fresh but so light that I can't see it being off-putting even to those opposed to scented products.

Astral is available in the UK at Boots, Sainsburys, Superdrug, and Tesco.

*Please note this product was sent for my consideration by the companies PR rep. All reviews are always my honest and unbiased opinion.