Zoya Holiday 2011 Gems and Jewels Twila - Swatches and Review

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As soon as I saw Karla's picture I knew I had to have Zoya Twila. I left the office about an hour later to pick it up! Twila is from the Zoya Holiday 2011 collection Gems and Jewels. Twila is full of micro glitter as well as bar glitter. The result is AMAZING. The polish actually looks like it is somehow lit from within. Even in a dimly lit room it somehow manages to pick up any small light source in the room and seems to glow. It is breathtaking. Definitely a blingtastic nail polish so don't wear this if you don't wan't attention drawn to you!


Because of the bar glitter it is pretty impossible to get smooth edges with your manicure. You will need to push glitters back in place as you apply or file them off later. I also needed to use two coats of top coat because the finish felt quite rough. I always experience peeling issues with Seche Vite so after using two coats of it after 2 days my entire manicure peeled off. Bonus to that was it was and effortless way to remove a very difficult to remove glitter polish. ;-)