Yves Saint Laurent Boreal Palette Arctic Night Holiday 2012 ~ Photos, Swatches, and Review

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Blue! Such a refreshing change to my new affinity for green eyeshadows. When I first saw some promotional images for the YSL Holiday 2012 collection I thought...eh...blue eyeshadows, I can do without that on my blue eyes. Well I have long since abandoned the notion that blue eyed gals can't wear blue eyeshadow. Phooey on that! Blues can be too lovely for any woman to resist and that goes for the Arctic Night palette. As soon as I saw it in RAEview's YouTube video I knew that THIS was a palette of blues that had to be mine!

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A celebratory sky on a winter night. Bathed in constellations of pearly stars and illuminated by the magical aurora borealis. Northern lights in a show of intense colours, from green to blue to pinktinged violet. Captivated by this magical invitation, the Yves Saint Laurent woman puts on her make-up. The opulence of simmering violet and icy blue. The warmth of dark shades mixed with frosty transparency. Bewitching, fascinating, the Yves Saint Laurent woman is daring as she celebrates her femininity. Her powers of attraction know no limits.

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The Boreal Palette has an added bonus. A stunning sequinned pouch! I wish all the YSL palettes came with pouches because they can scratch easily, so I usually keep them in their boxes, but this pouch is so cute I want to throw it in my handbag to hold some credit cards and cash on a night out.

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Please forgive the marred appearance of my palette. I couldn't resist using it at the launch event I was attending. They had the most lovely makeup artists there willing to apply our products for us so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be pampered!


The Yves Saint Laurent Boreal Palette Arctic Night contains four very beautiful, multi-dimensional shades. The top left plum violet shade contains gorgeous pink and icy blue shimmers that catch the light. The top right shade is a pale icy blue that almost looks white, laced with flecks of pink and pale blue. The bottom left is a truly stunning blue with tonal, fine shimmer. The bottom left a rich, intense royal blue. These shades apply beautifully dry and a more sheer and subtle effect can be achieved this way. Applied wet these shadows take on an intense, metallic look that is breathtaking. The YSL Wet/Dry eyeshadows are an outstanding formula that apply and blend as easily wet as they do dry. Do not have any trepidation over ruining the eyeshadows using them wet. They show no indication of change after being used this way in the pan. Simply dampen your brush and your ready to experience these shades at another level. It really is that uncomplicated.


The following swatches are dry. Swatched wet these are almost blinding in their beauty and I find the dry swatches better exhibit the subtle nuances of the shades. Even then I couldn't capture the complexity these shadows are formulated with, that is evident to the naked eye.


I will try to get a look post up this week featuring this palette. I have used the palette both wet and dry now in testing. I experienced some fading when I applied them dry but I also did a fairly sheer application so I think if I play around a bit I will get better wear. I have tried using the top left shade in my crease both times but it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I think to best utilize this palette the addition of a different crease shade is essential on my rather hooded lids. I don't mind that at all because the stunning shades in this palette makes it more than worth it. I am absolutely in love with it and so far I am really surprised at it's versatility and the variety of looks that can be achieved. Just wait until I show you the other eyeshadow quad from the collection!

The Yves Saint Laurent Boreal Palette Arctic Night 4 Wet & Dry Eye Shadows ($79) is available at Holt Renfrew, select Bay, Murale, and Sephora boutiques this month. It is available in the US at Neiman Marcus and directly from Giorgio Armani Beauty US where they are currently offering their 20% Off Friends and Family promotion.

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