What's Inside My May 2012 Glymm Box?

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Glymm has come out with new eco friendly packaging. I love the sturdy, glossy, pretty pink boxes that the monthly box has always come in as it is very handy for storing things in but I have now accumulated many of them so I am excited by the switch to the cute pink zippered pouch. I wasn't as excited however by what was inside the pouch. Not to say it was a bad "box". It had a lot of samples in it but the full size item that was included was another Cargo eyeliner. I already received a Cargo eyeliner pencil in my January Glymm box so come on Cargo, come out with a better variety of products to lure us to your line. I'll be blunt. I found the black eyeliner included in my January box to be horrible. I don't have oily lids but it still managed to transfer to my hooded crease and smudged everywhere. I trashed it. I don't have any interest in trying more. I imagine traditional wooden pencils are fairly cheap to produce so that is why they are so willing to include them as full sized samples. Not a good representation of the brand though as far as I'm concerned.


The other samples are all more standard sample sizes of products. A nice variety of products.


Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream 15ml sample. Full size of 60ml retails for $35. There are also two teeny 1ml samples of their Vinosource line products. I have been really pleased with the Caudalie skincare I've tried in the past so I'm looking forward to trying out these samples. 

CK Shock for Him and Her 1.2 ml samples. Full size of 50ml retails for $45. I love perfume but still didn't find myself excited about the CK one Shock samples. I think it is my distaste for the packaging of the Shock line but I believe I've heard the scent is actually quite nice so it will be a great way for me to get over my visual prejudice to the product and try it out!

COOLA Mineral Mette Cucumber Face Sunscreen 5ml sample. Full size of 50ml retails for $36. I'm always looking for a great face sunscreen so we will see how this one performs.

NUME HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner 20ml sample. Full size of 250ml retails for $24.99. This product contains silicones so I won't be testing it out. It contains argan oil, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants so it sounds lovely for someone who is not practising a silicone free hair routine.

Cargo Eye Pencil Full size with retail value of $16. You have read my thoughts on this already above. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a shade name. It's navy with gold sparkles. 

If you are interested in trying out Glymm you can use my invite code http://www.glymm.com/share/perilouslypale. Be aware that if you use my invite link I will earn 50 Glymm points which I can use towards more Glymm boxes and products on their online shop.