Sweet Makeup Storage Deal From Michaels ~ Sale Ends Tomorrow!

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I just picked up two of these Organizer Cubes from Michaels today. The Recollections products are on buy one get one of equal or lessor value for one cent. I think the sale ends tomorrow August 23rd! They were $54.95 each I believe so two of them for that price it seemed like a pretty good deal too me. The unit is only 7.125 inches high so the drawers are a really nice small size for makeup. I got one of them set up tonight in an hour while I watched TV. Probably could have done it a little faster if I wasn't distracted! Wish the darn thing came assembled though. The drawer heights are two 1 and 1/8th inch drawers and one 2.5 inch drawer. I think things will fit in here quite nicely. I still think I will still end up getting the short, wide Ikea Alex 6 drawer unit tomorrow as planned but this has me wondering whether I should just nab two more of these tomorrow! Wish I had more time to play before I go to the city tomorrow. They do stack by the way.

Anyways thought I'd get this up so you can get in on this deal before it's over. I know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find good storage options for cosmetics!

Christa xo