Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema Long-Lasting Eye Shadow - Swatches, Pics, Review

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I'm sure you all know I LOVE Rouge Bunny Rouge! I especially love their eyeshadows. Now I know considering I have hooded lids I should be wearing matte colours in my crease but I love dimensional, shimmering eyeshadows and I tend to break convention. I get wooed by the gorgeous colour descriptions of Rouge Bunny Rouge regular Long Lasting Eye Shadows and haven't paid much attention to their matte collection. When they released the two new shades earlier this year I was finally tempted. I ordered Sweet Dust Seriema. As always Rouge Bunny Rouge's colour description is bang on. Sweet Dust Seriema is described as semi-opaque cool dusty mauve taupe.


I think the easiest way to summarize my thoughts on this incredible eye shadow is to say that I now know that I must add every shade of When Birds Are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow in the matte formula to my collection. I think this may be the best matte eye shadow formula I've ever used. Matte eye shadows are notoriously sketchy in formula. It is hard to find ones that don't appear flat or chalky and that blend well. Sweet Dust Seriema is a dream to work with. Pigmented, smooth, creamy, effortless. PERFECTION! The above shot is in indirect natural light and the following shot in direct warm sunlight.


Gorgeous Rouge Bunny Rouge packaging:


Cool natural light:


Warmer sunlight:


I purchased this at Zuneta who ships internationally.