Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow in Batiste Grayling ~ Swatches, Photos, Reviews

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After what feels like an eternity I have finally tried the Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Eye Shadow formula. The shade Batiste Grayling is a lovely medium, cool grey which tends to take on a very subtle green tone on my skin. Rouge Bunny Rouge describes the shade as follows:

Satin wash of cool, true medium grey; buildable to darker, more opaque and metallic hue of the same colour.


I don't find the last statement about it being buildable to a metallic hue to be true. You can indeed build it up for more opaque coverage but the shade is in no way metallic. It is basically applies as a satin matte with very subtle, fine shimmer.

Deep inside one of the Enchanted Garden's dense jungles, surrounded by thick and leafy rainforest, lies the Butterfly Makers Workshop. As the hot, monsoon rains drum down upon its roof, inside there is serene calm, as hundreds of the most skilful tailors labour lovingly over exquisitely fine fabrics, cutting and moulding them with a precision that only a select few can ever manage to attain. Rolls of light and airy chiffon, luxuriant velvet, delicate white batiste, and sparkling brocade are cut, smoothed and shaped by the expert fingers of the craftsmen. A tailor will close his eyes, and fabric in hand, imagine on a mental canvas the image of a perfect, elegant butterfly. After many hours of work, the outline of smooth wings becomes apparent, absent of the smallest crinkle. It is said that some of the butterflies are so perfect that they burst forth from the fingers of the tailors. Acquiring a life of their own, they mingle with the light and fly away into the rainforest, gently flapping their smooth, silky wings. We were inspired by these very butterflies that sprung to life, to bring you Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow. 
Our utmost Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows caress your skin with the ease of a butterfly wing beat, so that your lids appear smooth and renewed while coated with a semi-matt, slightly luminous colour. 
It's an irresistible combination of exceptionally long-wear, non-crease and smudge proof textures. The extreme long-lasting effect is delivered through the synthetic filming polymers which ensure a perfect appearance all day.
Our comfortable wand includes a light, velvet, creamy formula for silky gliding. Easy application is achieved by innovative silicon waxes and gels, in combination with Beeswax. 
We added Para Cress Flower Extract to stimulate natural skin lifting capabilities and Coffee Extract to increase collagen and elastin production while also enhancing the natural skin defences. 
All colours can be worn in two ways: a satin wash of colour with one layer, or a stronger application providing opaque, metallic and darker hues of the same colour.


I found this shade works best for me as an eyeshadow base. I just didn't find Batiste Grayling "exciting" enough on it's own. It is a lovely, creamy formula that blends out beautifully. When I applied it alone, without primer or powder eyeshadow to set, I did experience a tiny amount of creasing. It was still incredibly long wearing though and I think the creasing was more related to the movement of my eye shortly after application rather than a wearing issue. As a base it works beautifully to intensify the powder eyeshadows applied on top and provide endless wear. I am very happy with the formula and will be experimenting with more of the shade offerings in the future.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available at Zuneta internationally and Beautyhabit in the US.