Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Nectar Highlighting Fluid - Swatches and Review

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After falling in love with Sea of Tranquility I decided it was time to add another Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting liquid to my collection.

From the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

At sunset in the EnchantedGarden, you can fleetingly glimpse the mermaids dancing in the gently lapping waves of the GrandMoonSeas. Evening mists rise and tenderly caress them, lingering languorously on their bodies to gift their skin with uncommon youth and beauty.

Sea of Nectar is described as Gold-in-rose to give a pale copper luminous effect, stunning - To warm and uplift cool skin. I've come to accept that Rouge Bunny Rouge's colour descriptions are about as bang on as you can expect and Sea of Nectar is no exception.

I find this to give a warm, luminous effect to the skin. One needs to watch the amount of product applied or it can be a little bit too "glowy". While I adore this product, I'm struggling with the decision of whether to hang on to both of my Seas of Illumination or not. I can't seem to perfect my liquid highlighter application and find myself reaching for my powder products more often. This may have to do with the fact that I haven't gotten in the habit of using cream and liquid products regularly. I frequently find myself having already applied my foundation and setting with a powder and then realizing $#%& I meant to use (fill in whatever liquid highlighter or cream blush product). While you can apply these types of products after applying a setting powder, (and I often do), I find they work much better over foundation prior to applying any powder products. It just seems to be a learning curve I'm having a hard time nailing down. If you have any great tips for liquid/cream product applications please let me know. Right now my application method 98% of the time is with my fingers.


I purchased this from Zuneta. They have excellent customer service, quick shipping and a beautiful assortment of brands and products. Highly recommended.