Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer ~ Review

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After reading the description of Rouge Bunny Rouge Aqua Primer how could I not try it for myself? 

One of the Rouge Bunny Rouge marvels; you'll soon know just why... Floating isles of melted spray cloud from the Enchanted Garden have inspired us to create this unctuously soft make-up prelude.
Use it like the rambunctiously wily Rain-Pixies, who harness it to help keep their skin looking dewy. Your face will be cushioned with an invisible layer of comfort and hydration, pores minimised and make-up lasts all day long. Wear it on its own for fresh and juicily soft skin; a downright dangerously innocent look. Worn in partnership with our foundation, the combination will bestow you with superbly smooth skin for an unequalled sophistication. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.
 This water-based texture is so light and refreshing on your skin that you will feel like floating through the clouds, but it contains plethora of active ingredients. Sea-Buckthorn Berry Extract serves as a superb-antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient that promotes cell tissue regeneration. Iris Florentina Root Extract smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles to create a perfect canvas for other products to be applied to the skin. Saccharide Isomerate provides intensive hydration, firming and smoothing; Bisabolol is used for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Vitamin E Acetate and Retinol Palmitate improve skin texture. Now you know why we are so excited to bring you this miracle in a bottle. 


Did you see all of the incredible skincare actives including retinol? Outstanding. I love makeup that functions as skincare as well. Why not help improve the appearance of our skin with our makeup rather than just disguising it?


The texture of the Prelude in the Clouds Aqua primer is a light milky lotion that disappears on the skin. It is lightly scented. I can't quite describe it but it is a really lovely fresh, luxurious scent. I usually abhor scent in my skincare but something about this scent really appeals to me and make application feel extra pampering. It feels light yet hydrating. It keeps my makeup looking fresh all day and my skin feeling calm and healthy. It will be interesting to see how this primer holds up in the hotter weather. We have already had some very hot, humid weather and so far it's held up wonderfully. Even in summer my skin still remains dry so I hope this continues to agree with me. It does a nice job of reducing the greasy feeling from my sunscreen prior to makeup application. This actually reminds me of another concern I've long wondered about. Do skincare ingredients penetrate sunscreen? I have a selection of primers and other makeup products that contain beneficial ingredients but I always wonder if they can penetrate the sunscreen I wear everyday? Hmm.. let me know if you have any information on this please!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available at Zuneta internationally (which is where I purchased mine) as well as at BeautyHabit in the US.