Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush - For Love of Roses in Starina - Swatches and Review

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Well get ready ladies! My blog is about to be bombarded with Rouge Bunny Rouge reviews! I just received my order the other day and I'm excited to show you my selections.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge brand is described on the Zuneta website as being an:

Intricate and luxurious cosmetics brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, twists opulence and beauty with embellished detailing to deliver a range of colour make up that embraces both romance and whimsy. Wearable, blendable and adaptable formulas and shades are at the very heart of Rouge Bunny Rouge. The formulas are absolutely outstanding and have been sourced from the world's most sophisticated laboratories. We are delighted to be able to share this very unique and qualitative brand with you.

The first item I'm featuring is the Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush - For Love of Roses in the shade Starina. The Original Skin Blush is described on Zuneta as:

Deep inside a labyrinth of perfectly topiaried winding lanes in the Enchanted Garden lies the Rose Orchard. The sweet and tantalising fragrance of the roses, combined with the sight of their intense pigments, provokes torturous visions of languorous beauty. The thorns of the flowers, so piercingly sharp, can slice through flesh as though it were air, and the elegant, gorgeous Floribunda-Elves are the only guardians that the roses with their poisonous thorns will allow to tend the orchard. The Floribundas perfectly preen and nurture each flower and in return, they are gifted by the roses with the most effervescent and radiant faces in the whole of the Enchanted Garden, their cheeks exuding happiness and excitement, causing many a lover to fall to his knees. Rouge Bunny Rouge have recreated for you this radiant glow with six petal-soft colours to impart a splendorous bloom and captivate your heart?s desires.

Original Skin Blush blends with a sheer, silky touch for a naturally luminous glow. A medley of active ingredients, including Uhaloa from Hawaii, also known as Velvet-leaf and modern technologies impart a long term brightening effect. Indian Gooseberry Fruit Extract stands guard against free radicals. Sheer pearls amplify the creamy soft touch and ensure a limpid glow. Innovative powders entwine with your skin to preserve perfection all day long.Result is your skin but better; you'll wonder how you blushed before...

I didn't notice my husband falling to his knees when I wore this today but the descriptions of the Rouge Bunny Rouge products are as delightful as the products themselves.

Starina is described as: Palest coral with an illuminating radiance - Great for any pale complexion. It sounded like a perfect shade and didn't look like anything I currently had in my collection so I chose it as my first blush purchase from Rouge Bunny Rouge. The colour is indeed a soft peach coral with a very subtle and sophisticated glow that reflects almost pink. Very unique and pretty. It is definitely geared towards the more fair complected as I don't think this shade would show up very well on darker skin tones even though it is very nicely pigmented. It applies and blends effortlessly and gives off a luminous glow without any kind of obvious shimmer. My absolute favourite finish in a blush!

I ordered my Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from Zuneta and had the most wonderful experience. They have fantastic customer service and will assist you in choosing the items, and shades, that will work best for you. I also really love the Profile feature where you enter in a bunch of information about yourself and are assigned a phenotype based on your responses and the website will then offer shade selections that will work best for your colouring for all of their products. GENIUS! I am a phenotype A which is a fair to light redhead. I of course went outside the recommendations for my order because I'm a rebel like that LOL. I received my order to Canada 3 days after placing it so I'm ecstatic with their service. For someone who does all their shopping online like myself that is as close to instant gratification as it gets!

Rouge Bunny Rouge can be found at Zuneta who ships internationally.