Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Coy - Swatches and Review

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As I'm sure you're aware, I've become quite smitten with Rouge Bunny Rouge these days. This line has yet to disappoint me. Coy is a fabulous grab and go gloss that I find injects the right amount of life into any look. If I were to be picky (which I am LOL) my only complaint would be that I wish this gloss was a little more vibrant on me. I've seen it on others and thought (on them) it seemed a bit more pigmented. Regardless, I love this gloss and I find I'm reaching for it quite frequently and often just carry it around in my handbag as one of my go to products. I love the feel of these glosses. They actually feel like they are making my lips healthier and they aren't sticky. I also like that there are beneficial ingredients included as you will see in the product description below:

Another romantic product description from the Zuneta website:

This is the Enchanted Garden's euphoric medley of temptations. Whether you're feeling kittenish, tempestuous or mellow, sate your spirit in this divinely flirtatious cascade of colour packed in a voluptuous shine. Your lips will appear polished and fuller; their shape magnified and highlighted. 

This extensive range of glosses graduates from a hint of a transparent rainbow, through to a densely vibrant richness. Some come with minute pearlised particles to sparkle your lips with richly bejewelled effects. Tempt your subjects into submission with these shining pots of glory. 

All our glosses are anti oxidant and anti ageing with the addition of Vitamin E. Depending on the formula; these temptations hydrate, nourish and regenerate with a cocktail of botanical goodies such 
as Sesame, Neem and Boswellia Oils; Lotus Flower Extract, Gingko Biloba, Green Tea.

And of course, as with the other Rouge Bunny Rouge products I've reviewed, their colour descriptions and swatches are actually ACCURATE! I swear this is like a miracle in the cosmetics industry! I also like how the description of each shade indicates the level of sheerness of each shade. Very-sheer, sheer, semi-sheer, etc. Colours in the tube and swatches can always be deceiving compared to how a gloss looks on the lips.

Rouge Bunny Rouge shade description and swatch:

Warm sheer strawberry, glistening with silver, gold and fuchsia pearls - A gloss to make your lips look fuller and truly just-kissed.

I purchased this from Zuneta who ships internationally.