Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment All Shades ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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I first introduced you to the Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments with my review of Embrace of Cashmere and Caress of Mink. I was so impressed with the formula, shades, and packaging it was inevitable I'd end up with all the shades! I have been holding out on you long enough. Now that my little collection is complete I can share with you the full lineup of Fire Drops.

Now first off I wan't to reiterate my assertion in my initial review that you need not run away at the words loose glitter in the product name. The Fire Drops pigments are in no way glittery. I had visions of loose chunky glitter when I heard the product name but rest assured these are gorgeous, dimensional, softly shimmering eye shadows that do not need to be feared by glitterphobes such as I.


I will delight you with the fairytale behind the Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops.

By day, deep inside the Enchanted Garden‘s densest forest, by day the vast Agni Tree melts quietly into the sprawling greenery. But as dusk descends, Sparkling Fireflies teem around its warming branches. For they know the secret thrill of the Agni Tree, and their delirious dance is a harbinger of the joyous night fireworks to come.The Agni Tree‘s roots plunge to the depths of the earth, where they are nourished by molten lava. Each night, the magma rushes from the ground and pulses through the branches, until the crowning blossoms explode in a shower of vibrant molten fire drops, gleaming in every colour of the spectrum. The darting fireflies, smitten with the energy of these molten bubbles of joy, infuse their wings with the thrill; never knowing which hue will appear each evening. By dawn, these swift, uncurling flames of primeval fire dry into an exquisite concentrate, used to infuse with bliss the Enchanted Garden‘s various festivities.We were inspired to recreate their zingy pigments for you as the Fire Drops range. Adorning yourself with this fiery lava dust will gift you with the playful mischief of a fluttering firefly and the intense brightness of the blossoms‘ luminescent shades.The formula contains a super high percentage of pearl, which will grant your eyes a marvellous shine and luminosity but with a weightless feel. We added Sodium PCA, a natural moisturiser that maintains the water balance of the skin, makes the texture soft and elastic and the application creamy and easy. A sponge-tipped wand enclosed in a practical bottle will safely keep the pigment inside and let it out only when you want it.

Try as I might I couldn't adequately capture the dimension of these shades. They almost appear a standard pearl finish in these photographs but in reality they glimmer with changing nuances of colour.

  • Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree - Iridescent golden dust, warmed with a hint of pale mandarin.
  • Embrace of Cashmere - Scintillating light gold champagne.
  • Caress of Mink - Scintillating medium taupe brown with pewter-plum highlights.
  • Wishing For Wings - Iridescent light nude mauve with silvery reflections.
  • Night Wind Sailing - Iridescent metallic pewter, with a hint of pink pearl for a stormy sky effect.
  • Spun From Sunny Seawater - Iridescent blue peacock feather, with a hint of tropical emerald and scintillating gold accents.
  • Eaten all the Cherries - Iridescent rose gold.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is always very accurate with their colour descriptions. The only adjustment I would make is that I would consider Eaten all the Cherries more of a pink gold than rose.

I am so aggravated over not being able to capture on camera the beauty my naked eye sees that I may very well revisit these swatches for you in the future.

Edit: I forgot to show you guys the amazing MESS FREE applicator. Loose eyeshadow without the mess! You can even lay these on their sides when they are open with no fear.


You can purchase Rouge Bunny Rouge products internationally at Zuneta and in the US at

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