New from Make Up For Ever! Aqua Rouge, Aqua Brow, and the Black Tango Palette

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This has to be one of the most stunning promotional images I have EVER seen. I am so madly in love with this picture. So much so I think I may make it my desktop image rather than the picture of my kids that's there now. OK maybe I'd get in a bit of trouble for that...

Make Up For Ever has some incredible new products for us this season. First up is the new Aqua Rouge ($27 CAD). It is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof long-wearing lip colour. One end houses the opaque liquid lipstick while the other contains the clear topcoat for lacquered shine. There are 12 shades available.


Next we have another fabulous addiction to the Aqua line. The Aqua Brow ($23 CAD). It's a satin gel brow product that dries to a powder finish. They are highly pigmented and are waterproof, sweat proof, and budge proof. There are a total of seven shades available but four of them are exclusive to Make Up For Ever Boutiques. No auburn shade but I but we'll have to see how warm the blonde and light brown shades are.

And finally the gorgeous Black Tango Palette ($50 CAD). Just look at that magnificent packaging! It was inspired by founder and creative director Dany Sanz's love of tango dancing. It features 4 new and exclusive shades of Aqua Cream. Three black shades each infused with jewel tones of red, green, and blue respectively. The fourth is an Ivory Aqua Cream that can be used for highlighting. The are in a beautiful mirrored compact and each has their own lid to keep the Aqua Cream from drying out. The included brush is perfect for application.


Anything catching your eye?

Aqua Rouge and the Black Tango Palette are available now. Aqua Brow will arrive the end of September. 

Available at Sephora and Make Up For Ever Boutiques.