The New Fall Offerings From Annabelle Cosmetics ~ TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon, EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner, iTransformer Powder Transforming Liquid, and New Eyeshadow Single Shades

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I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the wonderful Annabelle and Marcelle Cosmetics Beauty Unveiling in Toronto this month. Not only did I get to see the fabulous new fall product releases the brands have in store for us but I also got to meet so many of my beautiful fellow bloggers!

One of the first things that grabbed my attention at the event were the 5 new eyeshadow singles being released by Annabelle cosmetics. The lovely representative was regaling me and Glitter Geek with tales of it's new highly pigmented and long lasting formula. I was happily nodding my head and smiling thinking to myself "Sure it's highly pigmented. That's what you all say". Well when I reached over and dipped my finger into the rich blue shade that caught my eye I all but squealed. It was so incredibly creamy and pigmented. I continued to swatch a couple more shades and was totally in love. These eye shadows really are standouts. I was lucky to receive the shade Goddess in my goody bag from the event which I am reviewing for you today and I will absolutely be picking up the other shades as soon as I see them in stores this July.

Here are the five new shades of Annabelle Eyeshadow Singles. Aren't they gorgeous? Such vibrant colours. Behind them are the new TwistUp Lipstick Crayons. So nice to not have to worry about the mess and waste of sharpening a chubby lipstick pencil. These twist up versions offer nice pigment and semi-sheer colour with a glossy sheen. They are promoted as being very hydrating and from the list of hydrating ingredients I have high hopes that they will be. Rapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, and rich in Omega 3 and 6. Sounds heavenly! They will retail for $9.95.

I tested out Goddess with no primer. I actually just applied it alone with my fingertip as I was feeling uber lazy. It lasted the day with no fading and only a very tiny (and I do mean tiny) amount of creasing. With a primer this would not crease at all. The effect on the eye is as rich as the shade is in the pan and in swatches. So excited to get the other shades! At only $5.95 how could you not but them all?

Also new for fall are the EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner ($9.95) and the iTransformer Powder Transforming Liquid ($8.50). The EyeInk liner was demonstrated for me and it offered very smooth application with either a precise line from the tip or laid more on it's side it can offer a thicker, more dramatic line. It is a water based liner that is promoted as being long lasting but I have not had the opportunity yet to put that to the test. I did not have the chance to see or play with the iTransformer but it is basically a water based mixing medium to turn any powder product into a cream one. 

These are all additions to the permanent line that will be displayed in this insanely awesome new Annabelle display. I hope one of my local retailers is lucky enough to get one of these new displays because I could just stare at the prettiness all day!