New Annabelle Eye Shadow Singles Review, Swatches, and Face of the Day

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I introduced you to one of the five new shades of Annabelle Eye Shadow singles with my coverage of the Annabelle and Marcelle Beauty Unveiling Event. The new shades finally arrived at my local Shoppers Drug Mart and I picked up three more of the new shades. Turquoise, Royalty, and Violish. I am now regretting not picking up the pink one as well. Oh well. Next time! I am including the previously reviewed Goddess in the spirit of completeness. 

Such gorgeous, vibrant colours. Just looking at these pictures makes me smile.

Turquoise is as incredibly pigmented, smooth, and glorious as Goddess. Royalty is just a touch less pigmented. Violish is a bit more of a muted shade but still has great colour payoff. Violish faded a bit through the day but Goddess, Turquoise, and Royalty remained rich and vibrant on my lids for 12+ hours. I am madly in love with these new offerings from Annabelle. I have a face of the day using them that I will share with you shortly.

Available now at Annabelle retailers across Canada. I picked these up on sale for $3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. What a steal!