NARS Dogon Eye Shadow Duo - Swatches and Review

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I haven't had much luck with NARS eyeshadows thus far and I was hoping Dogon would be the turning point. Unfortunately it was not. The colours are beautiful but I found the stunning, shimmering, duochrome taupe to be far too sheer for my liking. The blackened blue is quite pigmented but not enough for me and it is chalky in texture and applies patchy in swatches as well as on the eye. It does not blend well at all. I thought by layering the taupe on top I could get a better result but the patchy, ill blended result still showed through even with the layering and additional blending. I tried this duo 3 days in a row and it wasn't until the third day that I found a look that I even considered wearable. I know there is a lot of love out there for this eyeshadow palette but I fear I have to be the downer on this one. I do think they are beautiful shades, especially when layered, but I just don't think it should be necessary to put his much effort into trying to make something work.

I do have Face of the Day pictures taken from my 3rd attempt with this palette. I will try to get the post up soon.

The swatch to the far right is the taupe layered over the blackened blue shade. The result is beautiful but not enough to make me forget the poor blending and application of these shadows.