NARS Autumn Leaves Sheer Lipstick from Fall 2012 Color Collection

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I have had a difficult relationship with NARS. I have been wooed by their beautiful collections and promo images and the glowing reviews from NARS fans. It seems that whenever I have caved to temptation I have ended up disappointed. Mind you my dabbling in NARS have been reserved mostly to their eyeshadows. I have purchased some very popular NARS duos in the past like Dogon and Rajasthan only to be disappointed in the pigmentation. Since then I have become a little more accepting of eyeshadow formulations that aren't as richly pigmented as my favourite brands. I have grown to appreciate the benefits of these formulas in some applications. I was very tempted to give NARS another shot with their summer collection but managed to hold strong. I am, however, a sucker for Fall collections. The first item I have decided to review from this collection in their Sheer Lipstick in Autumn Leaves. This is my very first experience with a NARS lip product of any kind. This is what NARS has to say about the formula:

A beautifully sheer formula infused with ingredients to improve the condition of the lips. Sheer, long lasting color pigments have been suspended in this tranlucent formula to provide a sophisticated shine.

Sheerer lipsticks are a newer love for me. I used to be all about more opaque coverage as the uneven pigmentation of my lips bothers me. I know I could use a lip liner to even things out most most of the time that is an extra step I'm not willing to take for my lips with reapplications necessary through the day. I do love the translucent, juicy look of sheer lipsticks though so I'm learning to just deal with the unevenness of my lips.

Autumn Leaves is indeed sheer but it offers a really healthy dose of colour. It is sheer in terms of transparency as opposed to colour. It has a fine shimmer that ads more of a glow to your lips than sparkle. NARS describes Autumn Leaves as Shimmering Warm Brandy. It is a beautiful glowing rust shade. Maybe that's not the most attractive way to describe the shade but I love rust shades and always refer to these type of colours as being "rust". These are the kind of lip colours I was most drawn to in the 90's so I was surprised to realize I had nothing even remotely close in my collection.

The wear time is good for a sheer lipstick. I must say I am very happy with my purchase. I am excited to start exploring NARS lip products more if this is indicative of their quality.

I like the compact size of the lipstick tube. It is not lacking in the quantity of lipstick but the packaging is a bit shorter than your normal lipstick.

I purchased this online from NARS.

Just a side note. I apologize that my posting will be scarce this week. We are on holidays and try as I might hubby is not letting me spend any time on the computer!

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