Nails of the Day: Chanel Riva

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I LOVE this polish. I went through a lot of hoops to get my hands on it and I do think it was worth it. Yes the other reviews out there are is a bit of a bitch to apply. The end result is so gorgeous though. I don't think I could wear this type of shade from another brand and have it still look classy. I still have more playing to do. I think 3 thin coats is likely the best way to go. I did one thin, then one thick hoping I could get away with two coats but it was still two uneven. I had to do the third coat. I like the colour a lot more with only two coats so I think a thin three may be the answer. I am now on day THREE wearing this polish and it is still absolutely perfect! The only other time I wore it was back in January on my trip to Mexico and I didn't need to take it off until day 5...maybe 6.