My IMATS Toronto Haul

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Thought you might like a peek at what I picked up at IMATS this past Saturday. I am still trying to shut out the trauma of the amount of money I spent but knowing it only happens once a year and there were deals just too good to pass up I can't allow myself any regrets!

Eve Pearl High Definition Pro Palette - This palette contains 12 HD Cream foundation shades and 6 Salmon Concealer shades, 3 HD Cream Blush shades, 1 Mattifier, 1 Illuminator, and 1 Lip Treatment. This palette retails for $450 on the Eve Pearl site right now. When it launched recently they were offering it at an introductory promo price of $185 which had me tempted. Well at IMATS they were selling it for $120 all in! Holy CRAP! I could NOT pass that up! I have been wanting to try the Eve Pearl Salmon concealers for my kit and I got this whole palette for what it would cost just to buy those alone!

Eve Pearl The Lip Palette Ultimate - Another product I have been eyeing for my kit for ages. 18 Dual Performance Lip Colours in an adorable, space saving palette. This was $28.

Eve Pearl Lashes - I wanted to pick up a bunch of lashes at Nigels as well but they were all sold out by the time I tried to fight the crowds there.

Velour Mink Lashes in You Complete Me $20 - These lashes are supposed to be amazing. I can't wait to try them. A little splurge for myself. ;-)

bdellium Brushes - I only picked up four of these because the booth only took cash and I had already spent all but $20 at Hokuhodo. I picked up another 777, and decided to try a 781, and a couple 776 (MAC 217 dupes). I am disappointed because I wanted to pick up a lot more of these because I love the ones I have in my kit and they were a great price but I couldn't bare the thought of lining up at the ATM again.

Hokuhodo Brushes - I picked up 10 brushes in all. YIKES! Including one very big splurge on a powder brush. I have wanted to try these brushes forever and although they weren't a "special" price at least I didn't have to worry about duties, taxes, shipping, etc. and I could check them out in person. Of course it was practically impossible just to narrow it down to 10 brushes. I wanted SO MANY. It is overwhelming how many absolutely beautiful brushes they have and such unique shapes. I concentrated mainly on finding some small crease brushes because my eyes are small and many standardly available brushes overwhelm my eyes. Hopefully I made good choices because the selection was truly daunting.

It was a very busy, hectic experience but overall I enjoyed it. I wish there had have been more booths there like Kett and NYX but being my first time I had enough to entertain me. ;-)

Stay tuned for full reviews of the products I purchased.