My DIY Lipstick Palette Adventure ~ Chanel, Armani, Dior, and More

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A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got around to making the custom lip palette for my pro kit. I have way too many many lipsticks. Yet this process made me realize just how many more I NEED! There were many shades I wished I could have added but needed to leave out and a lot of shades I just don't own because either they don't suit me or I haven't ventured there yet. In other words, my kit is far from complete in the lipstick department. Hmm...another reason to go shopping? I decided to make a palette using my own lipstick collection because a) I have a lot of really beautiful, high quality lipsticks that I will likely never manage to finish a whole tube of. b) Using my more expensive collection is still more affordable for me than going out and buying all new lipsticks for my kit. c) I get to use the amazing formulas I love on my clients that I couldn't afford to fill my kit with otherwise. 

There is a great video on MakeupGeek that was my inspiration for the process I used. It was really quite simple and while time consuming it went very smoothly. I was a lot more stingy with the amount of lipstick I cut off for the palette since I love my pretty babies and wanted to leave lots for myself. I figured I could always add more later if needed. ;-)






If you are curious about any of the shades used please let me know. I have them all written down but it is a lot to type! They are mostly an assortment of Chanel Rouge Coco, Chanel Rouge Allure, and Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani lipsticks. There are a some Dior Addict, YSL, Edward Bess, Rouge Bunny Rouge, and Le Metier de Beaute thrown in there as well. You can see I am severely lacking in the brown and red shade families. My collection consists mainly of pinks, peaches, and a lot of plums.

The drier formulas like the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks do not get as runny upon melting as the sheerer or creamier formulas. That is why some shades spread out nicely in the pans while others sort of held their shape.

I am really happy with how this turned out. My only complaint is that now that I am using it the lipsticks are coming loose from the pans. I'm not sure how or if this could have been avoided? I almost wonder if I should have made the palette Lisa Eldridge style and just smooshed them in rather than melting? It would have saved loads of time and maybe not have come up from the pans as easily? I am very tempted to make something like this for my own use because it is amazing how little space this palette take up while offering such a dizzying array of my favourite shades!

Have you ever made your own lip palette? Would you give it a try?