Linnaeus Cosmetics Echidna Collection: Aberrant, Myth, Anomaly - Review and Swatches

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I can't thank the beautiful @glowyjoeybunny at Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies enough for introducing me to the wonderful Marin at Linnaeus Cosmetics.

I've always had a bit of an aversion to loose eye shadows. I guess it was the fear of mess and not being sure just how they would fit into my storage situation that has kept me from exploring them more. Well my experience with Linnaeus Cosmetics may have just steered me down a dangerous new path of makeup addiction! Marin is an absolute sweetheart and is an example of customer service done right. Everything from excellent communication throughout the ordering process to the wonderful packaging and thoughtful note included with my final order was a delight.

For my first order I decided to go with two of the eye shadow "collections". Marin was also generous enough to include some samples as well so stay tuned for more reviews. First up I will be reviewing the Echidna Collection. I suppose I could have gone a little more adventurous with my first indie order but I decided to stick with neutrals. Not to fear though. These are far from boring!


From the Linnaeus Cosmetics website:

What a strange and adorable little creature the Echidna (Zaglossus tachyglossus) is! It is one of two egg-laying mammals (monotremes), the other being the platypus. Not only do they lay leathery eggs, they are one of the few mammals who have a toothless jaw. They eat by grabbing insects with their long tongue. What’s even more odd about these little guys is that they actually carry their eggs in a pouch. When the young are born, they do drink milk. However, unlike other mammals, they feed their young through pores known as “milk patches.” They are also brilliant at confusing the hell out of anyone who studies vertebrate evolution.

ABERRANT- Aberrant is an elegant beige with a soft shimmer. It has a subtle brown background layered over top with beige sheen; an excellent highlighter! Since Echidnas are quite the exception to the mammal world, Aberrant seemed like an appropriate name for this eyeshadow.

MYTH- Myth is a beautiful, shimmery dark brown base with warm undertones; an array of yellow, gold, and white flecks are strewn throughout. The name for this eyeshadow was chosen due to how the Echidna was named after a myth.

ANOMALY- Not only is the Echidna an anomaly, but so is this shade. It consists of a dark, burnt umber base with predominantly cool tones. Yet, a splash of warm copper and gold are delicately intermixed. There are also several white sparkles overlaying the dark base.

On my fair skin I love Aberrant as a lid colour. It's so pretty. Myth works beautifully as a liner, for building intensity in the outer v and also works beautifully in the crease. Anomaly really is just that. It looks different depending on what it's paired with and the complexity of this shade is wonderful.I just had to post this adorable picture of the Echidna from the Linnaeus Cosmetics website:

The shadows are all very pigmented and complex. Just the way I like em! The end result is gorgeous and I will be featuring face of the day posts using the Linnaeus eye shadows in the coming days. Being loose shadows I find there is a bit of a learning curve for me as they are drier in texture than the buttery smooth pressed powders I've become accustomed to but they are in no way chalky and still blend really nicely. Marin includes wonderful tips for making the most of your loose shadow experience. I didn't experience any issues with fallout following Marin's helpful tips.


You can find these on Marin is coming out with new fall collections in late September so I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us!