Les Essentials de Chanel Fall 2012 Joues Contraste 72 Rose Initiale Blush ~ Swatches, Photos, Review, Comparisons

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Chanel describes Rose Initiale as a universally flattering blush for all skin tones. I don't doubt this to be true. It is just a perfect pink. Not too cool and not too warm. Not too bright and not too subtle. Not too matte and not too shimmery. Shall I go on? The Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush formula remains my favourite powder blush formula. My sizeable collection will attest to that. The US formula is satiny smooth, pigmented, and has the loveliest subtle glow that helps create a natural look on the cheeks that is neither flat nor flashy. It sits at that perfect place in between. Rose Initiale lives up to Chanel's standards and will take over a well used position in my stash. 


I will keep this post light on words and let the pictures speak for themselves. It is the long weekend after all! I didn't want to hold this out on you until next week though!


Comparisons to other Chanel Joues Contraste pinks (and the Spring Horizon de Chanel blush as well). Please click to enlarge.

I ordered this from Neiman Marcus.