Le Metier de Beaute Sheer Brilliance Gloss in Summerland - Swatches & Review

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I hesitated for a long time before ordering Le Metier de Beaute Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Summerland. I loved the look of the colour but I was concerned my mentions in other reviews of it being frosty. I don't do frosty. Well...turns out I do! This gloss is as jam packed with shimmer as I can imagine but it is beautiful, multi-dimensional, glorious shimmer! This is a very pretty, pigmented copper toned gloss with hints of pink. The only negative is that I do detect a bit of grittiness when I first apply the gloss and rub my lips together but after that I no longer notice it. It has a subtle sweet fragrance that doesn't linger and it is completely non sticky. It really shocks me how non-sticky, yet long lasting Le Metier de Beaute's glosses are. This is very pigmented for being a sheer brilliance gloss. In a word...LOVE!