Le Metier de Beaute Modernist Merlot Kaleidosope - Swatches and Review

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I was lucky enough to be able to buy the Newport Beach, CA exclusive Modernist Merlot Kaleidoscope for the Modernist Fashion Show in Fashion Island from a fellow Blogger.


The shades from top to bottom are:

  • Light muted lavender (gorgeous shimmery lavender taupe!)
  • Matte baby pink
  • Shimmer merlot
  • Dark grape noir (matte)

The first shade is what makes this whole kaleidoscope worthwhile for me. It is beautiful and I don't have anything like it in my stash. The second shade is a matte pink which I have only used so far as a blush. I will have to try this layered with the other shades in the signature Couches de Couleur technique. It makes a fabulous blush that coordinates beautifully with the eye look created by using the other three shades. The shimmer merlot is very similar to the third shade in the Fall/Winter 2011 Silk Road Kaleidoscope. They are not the same but they are close enough that I don't really see owning both as being necessary. Good thing they are both GORGEOUS shades because having both just means I will have longer to enjoy them! The matte dark grape shade is my first glimmer of disappointment from Le Metier de Beaute in an eye shadow. I will have to play more with it but on it's own it is not very pigmented. It isn't chalky but I wish it had more impact. Layering it over the Precision Liquid Liner in Noir creates almost a dull effect but it still works well with the overall look. 


Overall I'm really pleased I didn't miss out on this offering from Le Metier de Beaute.
This was a limited edition kaleidoscope exclusive to Neiman Marcus Fashion Island. Call Jordan 949-759-1900 / 800-395-1036 to see if there are any left.