Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow in Chameleon- Swatches and Review

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Le Metier de Beaute True Color Eye Shadow in Chameleon is truly that, a chameleon. It can take on different tones depending on what it is paired with. It is hard for me to describe the shade. I suppose golden khaki is a pretty good way to describe it. It is designated as a shimmer shade but I find it pretty subtle compared to a lot of their other shimmer shades and maybe closer to a satin. It is a bit sheerer in pigmentation than other popular Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows but not in a bad way. It is its sheerness and unique glow that allows it to work it's magic with other shades. I will have to try and posts some looks with this soon. I had done a really cool FOTD using it quite a while ago but it was one of the many days that I never recorded products used and days later when I went back to use the pics I had no idea what I had used. So many FOTD posts lost this way! I should really accept my horrible memory and write these things down as soon as I used them!

There have been questions on many blogs as to how this shadow compares to Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird and Edward Bess Intimate. I can tell you it is absolutely nothing like the RBR and shares some tones with EB Intimate but again is not really that similar. I will do a comprehensive comparison review soon!