Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tints in Mystique, Coral Nymph, Ginger Lily and Poppy - Swatches and Review

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I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the three new shades of Le Metier de Beaute's Creme Fresh Tints since they were released exclusively to Nordstrom in the spring. As soon as they showed up on Neiman Marcus's website (before they were even in stock) I ordered all three of them! At $28 each I really do think they are a bargain.


From the Le Metier de Beaute website:

A luxurious hydrating formula that instantly imparts a radiant glow to the lips or cheeks. Smoothed over makeup or applied nude, like a traditional powder blush, this crème-based tint goes on soft, relaxing into the skin, instead of laying on top. Enhances the natural vitality of cheeks and lips with a natural looking, glitter-free effervescence. This superior formula, designed to evaporate on the skin, leaves no paraben or silicone residue, to creating the effect of a true, natural blush or just bitten lips. Water resistant for use as a natural lip stain or for a brilliant shine.

I'm a little troubled by the "glitter-free effervescence" statement. Before the release of the 3 new shades this may have been appropriate but Mystique does indeed contain glitter. It is a very small glitter but still the kind my glitterphobe self tries to avoid anywhere but my eyes and lips. It is a shame Mystique is a little bit over my glitter threshold because it is a lovely cool - neutral pale pink shade that works beautifully with my colouring. I am very hypercritical when it comes to glitter though so if your not shy of a bit of sparkle on your cheeks then you must try out Mystique. I love the colour so much I'm going to see if I can get over my "issue". Poppy and Coral Nymph contain a subtle shimmer that is truly beautiful. I adore it. Ginger Lily is shimmer free. I was a little concerned Coral Nymph would be too orange for me but thankfully it seemed to merge with my skin after it was on for a while and become a lovely subtle coral. Ginger Lily is a great everyday warm nude.Heavy swatches:


Blended but still quite heavy:


My overall thoughts are that the 3 new shades are a welcome and exciting addition. My hands down favourite is still Poppy. See my original review here. It is one of my all time favourite blushes and I think everyone needs to try it!

Le Metier de Beaute is available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and select Nordstrom.