Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows 20 Palette Colourful ~ Swatches, Photos, Reviews, and 20% Off!

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Last week I began my feature of the Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows I purchased for my professional kit. I ordered three of the 20 pan Freedom System palettes. There are also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 40 pan palettes available in the Freedom System for the square pan eyeshadows. I thought about the 40 pan but thought going with 20's would be the best fit for my kit. The added bonus is these magnetic palettes stack! You can stack them all with their corresponding lids in between or be even more space efficient and do what I have done which is stack them directly on top of one another and only put a lid on the top palette.


I showed you my neutral cool 20 palette last time and today I have decided to share with you my more colourful 20 pan Freedom System eye shadow palette. This palette is also a mix of Pearl and Matte finishes with a couple Double Sparkle thrown in. Inglot describes their different formulas as follows:

  • AMC 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ - Vitamin E, treated pigments and micas help this non talc formula provide an extremely intense colors while the hydrophobic formula ensures that the color stays on for longer.
  • Pearl 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ - Treated pigments, micas and nylon provide high lubricity and a silky touch for an easy smooth, long lasting, crease resistant application.
  • Matte 2.3 g/0.08 US OZ - Treated pigments, talc, mica and nylon provide high lubricity and a silky touch for an easy smooth, long lasting, crease resistant application while the oil free formula provides the ideal matte finish.
  • AMC Shine 3.2 g/0.11 US OZ - Treated pigments, talc and mica gives this superfine, lightweight formula its shining and shimmering effect.
  • Double Sparkle 2.5 g/0.09 US OZ - Special silicones, treated pigments, talc, mica, nylon and unique spherical powder provide high lubricity and a silky touch for an easy smooth, long lasting, crease resistant application.

I have found everyone of these shades to be excellent. Mind you I did my research first so I didn't expect to end up with any duds. Inglot makes exceptional mattes in every tone and nuance imaginable. Such a vast assortment of shades that are non chalky and smoothly blendable. That is the only complaint I have about Inglot. How are you supposed to choose from so many amazing colours!? The pearls are also glorious. Pigmented and smooth. 


You can click on these photos to enlarge them.

I purchased these from Inglot in Canada. A lot of Canadians are unaware that although there is no Canadian shopping website you can order Inglot in Canada through their Facebook page, by calling head office at 514-341-9333 ext-222, or by emailing Lesley at Tell them I sent you! Receive 20% off your order when you tell them Perilously Pale sent you when ordering via Facebook or email ( and Like their Facebook page! Expires Sept. 30th, 2012.

There are also several retail locations in Quebec. The Freedom System pricing for the filled eyeshadow palettes at the time I ordered were:

2 shadow palette: $22 CAD, $19 USD

3 shadow palette: $29 CAD, $26 USD

4 shadow palette: $39 CAD, $34 USD

5 shadow palette: $49 CAD, $41 USD

10 shadow palette: $79 CAD, $76 USD

20 shadow palette: $158 CAD, $143 USD

40 shadow palette: $325

You can order Inglot in the US online at There are also other international Inglot sites you can order from including in the UK and Australia.

Stay tuned for my warm neutral 20 palette next!