Hot Summer Sunset Purple Sky FOTD ... Well Face for a Minute...

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OK I admit. I washed this off as soon as I was done pics! This is obviously a little more out there than my normal looks but I thought it would be fun to enter this contest. I actually intended to go far more wild and artistic but my sensible tendencies ended up turning this into a far more "wearable" look than I had planned. Well I didn't exactly plan so I guess that's why! The contest requested a summer inspired look focusing on lips.

Anyways I would LOVE it you beautiful readers would be kind enough to click on the picture to go through to Makeupbee and "Luv" my picture which is how you vote for it. Your support for my more adventurous side my urge me to play a little more! ;-) I'm not getting many votes so I'm starting to question my sanity for posting this. Mind you there are some seriously AMAZING looks on there so you should check them out.