Giorgio Armani Summer 2012 Gloss d'Armani 509 Pink Quartz, 510 Rose Crocoite, 511 Raspberry Zincite, 512 Red Andradite ~ Swatches, Pics, Review

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It really is some sort of freak event in the beauty world that this is my first experience with Giorgio Armani Gloss d'Armani lip glosses. Rouge d'Armani lipsticks are probably my favourite lipstick formula. (Speaking of this I really need to get some more shades!) I adore them. When the Gloss d'Armani glosses were first being released I was so excited. A gloss that I may end up loving as much as my beloved Rouge d'Armani lipsticks? A dream come true. Well when swatches first started appearing online none of the shades really seemed to jump out at me. I even FINALLY made it to a counter eons ago and still couldn't get excited about any of the shades I saw. I have no idea what possessed me to suddenly decide I needed all four of the new shades released with the Armani Beauty Bronze Color Summer 2012 collection. By the way...why on earth is this called the Bronze collection. There isn't a single product included in Armani Summer 2012 that is bronze or even anything close? Hmph?


The Cinema Lacquer: More than a mere gloss… Concentrated high-definition color, fusing shine, comfort and lasting hold. Inspired by icons of the cinema, Giorgio Armani re-introduces glamour with Gloss d’Armani.
When one take is enough: Gloss d’Armani’s flexible velvet applicator adds volume and defines contours instantly and effortlessly, with an expert touch.
Technology: Color-Fil Shine technology, with a translucent base that traps pigments and pearlescent particles for a hydrated, silky smooth feeling without any stickiness. Comfortable, stay-fast color is like a second skin that remains true for eight hours without fading or migrating.


The four shades released as part of the summer collection are very similar with the exception of 509 Pink Quartz. They also inspire more of a fall feel to me as well but these are very wearable shades that appeal to me year round. 509 and 510 contain a very, very fine shimmer that is almost invisible on the lips 511 and 512 don't contain any shimmer. 509 Pink Quartz is a mauve pink nude. 510 Rose Crocoite is a berry rose. 511 is plum. 512 is a berry red. Sorry for my lame colour descriptions but I'm doing my best to describe how these shades differ. On the lips there isn't a huge difference so I probably could have skipped one of the 510-512 shades but I can't for the life of me figure out which one I would want to exclude so I guess it's good I ordered all four!


In full sun:


Sorry the next three are fairly shadowed. The sun was very high for the next three swatches.


Indirect natural light:


So you may be wondering if these were worth the wait. ABSOLUTELY! These truly are magnificent. These particular shades may be a tad sheerer than I would like but the formula is outstanding. They have a bit of stickiness but I didn't find it uncomfortable but rather comforting. It reassured me and made me aware that I still had it on. After 6 hours it was still there! I couldn't believe it. I know these are promoted as having eight hours of wear which I frankly thought was ridiculous but they did indeed last over 6 hours for me. That is nuts! I am so happy with this gloss and will definitely be adding more to my collection.

I purchased these from Neiman Marcus. They can also be found at Barney'sNordstromBloomingdalesSaksHolt Renfew, Selfridges, and of course the Giorgio Armani Beauty website .