Fyrinnae Swatches - Part One - Immortality, Purgatory, Alchemist’s Curse, Freya, Conjuror, Velvet Vampire, Te Amo, Wake Not The Dead, Cuddlefish

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I have been agonizing over ordering from Fyrinnae for years. Between the site's periodic closings and my inability to narrow down my choices I never managed to place an order. I finally decided to just order my 20 samples (the maximum allowed in one order) and not stress too much over which ones. I would just order more. That is just what I did. After the 3 days had passed (minimum wait before ordering over $50 worth of stuff internationally) I ordered another 20 sample jars! So I have 40 beautiful shades to show you! I was also hesitant about the very long ship time quoted on their website. For instance right now it states: "Allow 32-38 business days queue and creation time before shipment." I think they just do this to protect themselves against the worst case scenario because I was delighted to receive my ship notification in under a week! I think to Canada my order was in my hands in 2 weeks.

Fyrinnae is more than just another mineral makeup company. I highly recommend you visit their site website and read their About Us and Our Eyeshadow: What Sets Us Apart? to see what I'm talking about. 

I'm going to split these swatch posts up into four parts and then do a round up post at the end. Of course I am already planning my next order so we may end up at more than four parts before I'm through! edit: Before even posting this I have ordered another 20 samples...oops. I guess that means I have 60 beautiful shades to share with you!

I didn't do a very good job sorting shades. The funny thing about Fyrinnae is that a lot of the time the colour in the jar looks nothing like the colour swatched. I tried to pull out shades I thought were in the purple, plum , burgundy area but it was a bit of a fail. I also intended to swatch Mephisto in this set but I somehow skipped it which is why there are only 9 swatches here instead of 10.

Shade descriptions from Fyrinnae:

  • Immortality - A rainbow of sparkle in soft black.
  • Purgatory - Almost metallic red shines over a black base, making this shade perfect for liner as well. .
  • Alchemist's Curse (Arcane Magic) - This shadow is pink shimmer and sparkle on black, but closer to light or at a different angle and it becomes a vivid gold to green, the black base setting off the highlights.
  • Freya - Glowing warm purple shimmer on black.
  • Conjuror - (Arcane Magic) Soft burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson, depending on proximity to light. 
  • Velvet Vampire - Don't pass this shade by! It looks ordinary in the jar, but amazing once applied. Think 18th-19th century "classic" seductive vampires, clad in a the finest deep crimson velvet...a few sparkling heirloom gems adorning his or her hands and throat... This shade is a complex deep reddish hue that varies between molten cool crimson and a firey phoenix-red, all laced with gold sparkle and glimmer. Bring it closer to light or change the angle, and it turns to a metallic glittering gold with subtle "underhues" of copper. 
  • Te Amo - This shade is a glowing iridescent copper highlight, almost ghostly, despite how photos make it appear. A sticky base makes more color come though, but it works well and "glows" over regular primers.
  • Wake Not the Dead - (Arcane Magic) This shadow has a solid, slightly shimmery, deep orchid purple base. It's filled with captivating sparkles in varying hues of gold, green, and blue, which all change to give the shadow a distinctly pink-purple cast.
  • Cuddlefish - Cuddlefish is a vibrant violet, but not an overly cool shade, loaded with varying hues of purple and blue-violet sparkle. You'll definitely want a sticky base or sealant with this shadow.

Swatch section above the black line are dry and the ones below the black line are over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.


I can't recommend Fyrinnae highly enough. Incredibly unique shades at an affordable price. The sample jars offer a lot of product and are only $2 so what do you have to lose?