Fyrinnae Pressed Eyeshadows ~ Te Amo and Woolly Mammoth ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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I am so excited to be able to share with you two of the new PRESSED Fyrinnae eyeshadows! I was lucky enough to win these from Fyrinnae in a Twitter contest. If you aren't following me yet I'm @PerilouslyPale. ;-) I received the shades Te Amo (an existing shade in the loose format), and Woolly Mammoth (a new pressed only shade I believe).


They come in a MAC "style" plastic pot in a silver colour but the packaging is actually larger. The eyeshadows themselves are larger as well containing a full 2 grams of product! I would love to be able to buy these just in pan format rather than in compacts since I've become addicted to depotting and my Z Palettes lately! The pans are tin so won't need a magnet to adhere to a palette. They should also pop out fairly easily with a pin etc.


Te Amo is a gorgeous mauve/charcoal base with copper glow. It is one of those fabulous shifting shades that I adore. Even better is the fact that you can use Te Amo all by itself for the most beautiful and complex eye look. The copper irridescence that shifts to mauve on my skin is in full effect on the lids while the blended out edges take on more of a matte charcoal effect. It makes one shade look like a complex look on the lid.

Woolly Mammoth is a stunning deep red brown with shimmer. It is such a beautiful pairing with Te Amo as it works so well complimenting the copper iridescence while at the same time being a nice contrast to the mauve tones. I don't see any mention of mauve in the colour description of Te Amo on Fyrinnae's website so if I am totally colour blind in attribution of this colour to this shade please let me know. I swear I can see it! Edit: Well I heard from Fyrinnae. There is definitely no mauve in this formula. It is simply a trick of the eye and skintone. Well I'm happy with this trick on my skin because I love the effect!

I have the original, loose version of Te Amo as well and as you can see in the packaging you may think these are going to be quite different but fear not. The pressed format simply exhibits the copper highlights more than the loose version.

In the following swatches you can see that there is only a slight difference between the original and pressed Te Amo. To be honest I think a lot of this difference can simply be attributed to the quantity of product used in the swatch and how they are swiped on the skin because on the eyes, and especially over primer, the effect is nearly identical. YAY because Te Amo was already one of my favourite Fyrinnae shades. I am so excited it is now available in pressed form and better yet already in my possession! Thanks again Fyrinnae!

No Primer:

Over Pixie Epoxy:

There is no definitive release date for the new Fyrinnae pressed shadows but keep an eye out here for details! We should be seeing them this fall. I can't wait to stock up!

I will be posting my face of the day using these shades soon. I have already wore the look twice since receiving these on Thursday so that shows you how in love I am.

On a side note I hope to start posting my swatches/reviews of my Fyrinnae collection soon. I have almost 100 shades and have had such big plans on doing this for you but keep putting it off. I am even more motivated to get this done for you now. I am also very torn on what to do with my Fyrinnae loose shadow collection. I purchased several Z Palettes and empty pans so that I could press them all. I started pressing them and got a whopping 5 done. Now I am stuck. First of all it is quite a bit of effort to do it and second the process so far has shown me that it appears pressing them is changing the colours. I totally understand why Fyrinnae is taking their time to do this right. I was having a lot of leeching of some of the colour during pressing and I'm sure the formulas have to be toyed with quite a bit to keep their integrity. I am afraid of ruining, or at the very least altering, by glorious Fyrinnae beauties.

Edit: See my Face of the Day using these eyeshadows here.

Fyrinnae products are available exclusively on their website and they ship internationally.