Face of the Day with the LORAC Snake Charmer Palette

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I have a love/hate relationship with LORAC...well maybe not love/hate, more like love/meh. I love that their eyeshadows are very pigmented and blendable but I'm not too fond of how they all seem to have the same frosty finish. There just isn't the same lovely variations in shimmer and effect that I see from my favourite high end brands. Pigmentation is very important to me though, so I love the palettes I have enough to keep them around and I thought it was time I show one of them a little love.

The Snake Charmer palette contains 4 eyeshadows: Enchanted Ivory, Mystical Gold, Charmed Copper, Royal Brown and a blush Hypnotizingly Peach in an adorable "snakeskin" flip top palette. All are soft, richly pigmented and easy to work with. I think this palette can still be found some places deeply discounted although it is likely getting quite hard to find.