Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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I had seen different versions of these sort of "press on" eyeshadows in stores and was curious as to how they would work. My initial reaction was "pfft no way these can look good". So when I was given the opportunity to test out the Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadows I jumped at the chance to see what this new trend in eyeshadow was all about.


Each Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow package contains two pairs of single use applicators in an individually sealed package. Each box contains two of the same design but for testing purposes I received two different versions. Both a shimmery and matte pair. There are also 5 and 10 pair sets available.


The instructions recommend closing your eye and slightly raising your brow to flatten out the surface of your eyelid. Then you press firmly for about 4 seconds then sweep out across your lid. It really is very easy and quick. The eyeshadows apply smoothly and have a really nice texture. The finish is quite frosty on the shimmering pair I used. A really lovely finish but for me golden beige shade at the top was far too intense for my brow bone area. 

Right after application. You can see my technique could certainly use some improvement. I didn't do a very good job laying the product down on the outer portion of my eyelid. 


After a bit of blending. Unfortunately to cover the outer areas I did a poor job applying on I had to blend the shades out quite significantly. You can see the colours look really pretty together though and had I not had to blend them out so much they would be even more lovely.


Suggested retail of the Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadows:

  • 2 Pair Box - $2.49
  • 5 Pair Box - $5.75

  • 10 Pair Box - $10.95

My overall thoughts one these are that they are a great and affordable option for a younger person just starting out with makeup and with a smooth canvas to work on. They are great pairings of shades and they do make application easy. You just need to do some moderate blending out that could even me achieved just with a fingertip. I think these are best suited to eyes with less space between the crease and brow than eye have which is luckily most people! 

Product provided for my consideration. All reviews are my own honest and unbiased opinions.