Empire Rouge Allure Laque from Chanel Holiday 2011 Les Scintillances de Chanel - Swatches and Review

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So far I've purchased two items from the Chanel Holiday 2011 Les Scintillances de Chanel collection. Both of them happen to be lip products. I am dying to get my hands on the Lumiere Sculptee powder but unfortunately it has not hit the Neiman Marcus website yet. This fact has been making me a teeny bit crazy.

I was hesitant to purchase Empire Rouge Allure Laque because the two Rouge Allure Laques I'd tried in the past (Santal and Stunt) were fails for me. I was never really sure whether it was just the shades that didn't work for me or the combination of shade and formula that resulted in my getting rid of Santal and Stunt. I decided after seeing the beautiful swatch pics on The Best Things in Beauty that I had to have Empire.

I will admit I'm not one of the die hard fans of the Rouge Allure Laque formula. I do find they have a bit too much slip for my taste but overall this new release from Chanel for the holidays is a win for me. The warm, pink rose shade with subtle gold shimmer is gorgeous and it applies nice and evenly. Lasting power is OK.

I have long yearned to try Dragon but my unsureness over the formula has always held me back. I still think I will refrain from trying Dragon just yet. The gorgeous intense red in combination with the Rouge Allure Laque formula that seems to do a lot of moving around sounds like it would be a little too high maintenance. ;-)


I thought Empire reminded me of another rose shade released from Chanel. The limited edition Confidence Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss. When I first opened Empire I'll admit I was a little disappointed thinking I'd bought a dupe. Luckily, while similar, these shades do differ enough to make me happy owning both. The subtle gold shimmer in Empire and it's deeper tone make it a unique addition to my collection.