Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set ~ Creamy Eyes E106, Light E304, Milky Lips L207 ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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I have been long tempted by the beautiful shades and innovative approach of Ellis Faas Cosmetics. It has been a couple years now that I have been resisting the urge to purchase in fear of developing another unhealthy brand addiction. Well I fear my reservations were well grounded as my finally caving and ordering the Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set may have just created a monster.


I don't know if I'm a fan of the bullet pen style packaging but I sure am a fan of the goodness inside. What I love about this set as it gave me the opportunity to try 3 different formula of product at a great value without having to stress over shade selection. The Spring 2012 set includes Light E304 which is a metallic shimmering purple. Creamy Eyes E106 which is a lovely satin finish mauve taupe. Milky Lips L207 which is a cream finish nude peach. These are my shade descriptions as the shade descriptions from Ellis Faas are as follows: E304 Lilac, E106 Lilac Taupe, L207 Nude Pink. I do wish that Milky Lips had have been more of a nude pink on me but on my skin tone at least it is decidedly warm and peach toned. The eye products are well pigmented and can be applied sheerly or built up for a stronger effect. Once they set they don't budge and Creamy Eyes E106 is particularly long wearing and more of a struggle to remove. Milky Lips L207 feels comfortable and moisturizing on the lips and wears quite well. It offers great coverage and even application with a light feel.

In case you're curious it took me about 40 clicks to start seeing product from Milky Lips L207, 60 clicks from Creamy Eyes E106, and 80 clicks for Light E304. I just took my time doing 3 clicks at a time with a pause in between to ensure I didn't end up with a huge waste of product once it was finally dispensed. I will continue playing with the application of these with different methods such as fingers, brushes, etc. and share a Face of the Day post with you showcasing the products in the days to come.

This set retails for $85US on EllisFaas.com and is a value of $113US.