Edward Bess Ultra-Luminous Eye Shadow in Intimate- Swatches and Review

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From the Edward Bess website:

Dress the eyes in luminous color incredibly smooth to the touch. Ultra rich texture adds depth and dimension. Sleek designer compact complete with mirror for touch ups on the go.

I'm really pleased with the Edward Bess line of eye shadows. They are well pigmented and blendable. They have a subtle luminous glow without obvious sparkle or glitter so they are perfect for crease work especially when you no longer have the eyelids of a 20 year old ;-) They are all basic, everyday shades which should not be confused with boring. They are staples for any collection. Intimate is a light tan shade with just the tiniest hint of green (at least to me, although I find even Dusk appears to have a hint of green so call me crazy if you like).

Edward Bess can be found atZuneta who ships internationally.