Dior Smoky Brown 3 Couleurs Trio Palette ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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I first introduced you to the Dior Smoky Trios with my post about Smoky Pink. If you haven't read that review please do to hear more about my thoughts on the trios and experiences with Dior eyeshadows. I am in LOVE with the Smoky Pink palette! The other trio my friend was kind enough to let me play with for you readers was Smoky Brown. Smoky Pink remains my favourite but I love this trio as well. Luckily I have my own Smoky Brown on it's way to me now!


Dior has reinvented the smoky eye thanks to a new 3-Colours Smoky palette. A chiaro-scuro variation of effects and textures, this eye shadow trio provides infinite, easy, custom-made smoky eyes.
This original case reveals the secret of smoky “catwalk” eyes.
Its sliding lid is as astonishing as it is intelligent, revealing an innovative, pop-up mirror. Inside, an ultra-smooth base prepares the eyelid. The matte and iridescent shadows of this duo provide made-to measure make-up from the most simple prêt-à-porter, to the most glamorous Couture looks


The shades in the Smoky Brown 3 Couleurs palette are a matte cool brown, shimmery brown, and a sheer, iridescent greyed beige. It is a cooler alternative to the warmer browns in the Smoky Nude palette. The matte shade is an absolute dream to work with just like the one in Smoky Pink. I'm so used to Dior's sheer, shiny formula from the quints that I was quite taken aback by this shade. Dior really needs to do more mattes! It's smooth, richly pigmented, and applies beautifully with absolutely no chalkiness. The brown shimmer shade looks to be as shimmery in the pan as the shimmery grey in Smoky Pink but it actually applies as a much more subtle shimmer than the grey. It is still a dimensional and elegant shimmer that offers a bit more subtlety than that in Smoky Pink. Like the pink shade in Smoky Pink the beige shade is on the sheer side as it is designed as a highlighter/base shade. I do love the tone of this beige. The slightly grey tinge is unique to my collection. I do wish it was a bit more pigmented to get the full effect of the pretty, luminous glow it gives when used in the inner corner but the sheerness makes it perfection for the brow bone. If it was more intense it could end up looking too strong on the brow bone. The coolness of my skin did result in the matte brown pulling more warm on my skin but over a primer on my lids the colour applied more true to pan.


Stay tuned for my Face of the Day with this palette to see it in action once my palette arrives!

The 3 Couleurs Smoky Palettes are available wherever Dior Beauty is sold including Neiman MarcusNordstromSephoraBloomingdales, in the US. Selfridges in the UK. Holt Renfrew, The Bay, select Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.