Create an Anti-Smokey Eye Look With Maybelline Luminous Lights Quads ~ Swatches, Photos, Reviews

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As part of their Fall 2012 product launch Maybelline New York has created the new Expert Eyes Luminous Lights Quads to give you two brilliant shade combinations that will allow you to attain the on-trend anti-smokey eye look. 

Luminous Lights shadows are infused with a high density of shimmering pearls for extra luminosity and a radiant finish.

The Rose Lights quad offers an ivory base, peach lid shade, two amber toned shades for crease and liner that possess a subtle rose hue.


Opal Lights offers beautiful, luminous shades offering subtle iridescent opalescence. I really love the gorgeous iridescence of this palette. The way the shades in this palette catch the light is so stunning. I am especially fond of the soft pink base shade and white crease shade that throws off a blue lavender iridescence. Oh who am I kidding I love the iridescent pale yellow lid shade as well. The liner shade is quite similar in finish as shades in the Rose Lights palette.


These palettes are really nicely done. The pigmentation is actually quite nice considering a lot of shadows in this sort of highlighting shade family can be quite sheer. They are still a more sheer effect though as opaque pigmentation would be far too frosty and garish. I was astounded at the wear of these. I tested them out for the day with no primer because I decided to go for a quick more healthy glow look and just threw this on using the inclosed sponge tip applicators as I was feeling too lazy to dig out my brush roll. They lasted for the day with almost no fading or creasing. After my experience with the Anastasia eyeshadows disappearing on my lids without any primer only days earlier I was very surprised. I thought against my fair skin that the effect of this anti-smokey look would be totally lost but I was quite pleased with the outcome. 

Even if you have no interest in using the shades as they are labelled for the anti-smokey eye look these are excellent options for palettes of gorgeous inner corner and brow bone highlighters and eye brightening lid washes. Opal Lights is my absolute favourite of the two palettes as the finishes on the shades are just so darn pretty. I was positively giddy while I was swatching them.

I have yet to try the Opal Lights palette out yet as the intended look but here is Rose Lights in action for you.

These are due in stores in Canada this month (June 2012) so hopefully you can find them at a retailer near you. Suggested retail price is $8.00.

*Please note that products were provided by the company for my consideration. All review are always my own honest and unbiased opinion.