Comparisons of Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in 70 Tumulte, 64 Pink Explosion, and 71 Malice to other Chanel Blushes

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When I first posted about the newest release of Chanel Joues Contraste blushes I promised to update you with a comparison of the new shades to previous Chanel blush releases. 

First up we have a comparison of the new Pink Explosion to the old baked release of Pink Explosion from the Fall 2010 collection. The newer version of course differs in formula but it is also a bit warmer and a bit deeper shade of pink.

The closest comparison I have for Tumulte, aside from Pink Explosion from the same release, is Tourbillon that was released last year in the baked formula. Tumulte is a cooler pink and also does not have the more obvious shimmer that Tourbillon has.

I've seen a lot of people asking how Malice compares to Espiegle and there is simply no comparison. Malice is a rich, glowing coral pink where Espiegle is a more subtle peach with sparkle.

The all important swatches. Indirect natural light and then direct natural sunlight.

I'm wearing Malice today and it is absolutely gorgeous. A must have as far as I'm concerned. Unless you have extremely cool toned skin I think this can work for you. I do have cool skin but my freckles and red hair allow me a little leeway.

As far as the other shades go it depends on how big of a Joues Contraste fan you are and how big of a pink blush fan you are. Having all four of these shades of pink may be a bit of overkill. For me I find it worth it because I like having the US formula. It is just unfortunate that the baked version of Pink Explosion was released first but the shades are different so I won't stress about it too much. Pink blushes are a beautiful thing!