Chanel Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure Lipstick Swatches

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I thought I'd post this pic from early in the winter that showed my Chanel Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure collection at that time. It has since grown...of course...but the new additions will have to wait for another day.
I really, really love the Chanel Rouge Coco formula. I don't like lipsticks that have too much slip and I prefer more opaque coverage as my lips are a bit uneven in coloring. The Rouge Coco's have incredible lasting power and wear very well. I don't find them to be drying but they definitely don't moisturize either. My only disappointment with the Rouge Coco's is that some of the shades have too much of a frost finish for me and a lot of the most recent additions released with collections either have more slip than other Rouge Coco's or have glitter in them which I find clinging to my lips and around my mouth after the lipstick has worn off a bit.
I have also built up quite a bit on my Rouge Allure collection since this picture was taken. I find them to still have incredible pigmentation with just a little bit of slip and still quite long lasting.

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