Chanel Le Blanc Collection Swatches & Review - Rouge Allure 87 Joyeuse

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Chanel Rouge Allure in 87 Joyeuse is a cool toned, hot pink. It has a sheer finish that makes it extremely wearable and it's not so cool as to be too much for warmer skinned gals. I ordered this ages ago from Asia when I believed the Le Blanc collection was going to be an exclusive there. I'm so glad I did as I really love the colour. It is in no way over the top. It has a soft, glossy finish with a very subtle shimmer that gives it the prettiest glow. It is not an in your face hot pink but a come hither hot pink! It is such great news that this collection is being released as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Event. I'm so tempted to pick up Desinvolte as well but ordering from Nordstrom to Canada is far too pricey for me to consider that option.