Chanel Joues Contraste Blush 57 Fandango - Swatches and Review

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Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in 57 Fandango is part of their regular lineup. I apologize for the used condition in these pics. I've had this blush for a while and thought it was time to finally put her in the spotlight.


Fandango is reminiscent of a bronzer shade but far more pigmented than one would ever want a bronzer to be. Unless, perhaps, you are Snookie. I have almost parted with this blush several times since it is quite warm for me but in the end I love the effect this blush gives to a sun kissed look. Hopefully you will see in the swatch pic below the lovely Joues Contraste glow that I adore so much in the blended swatch to the right. Such a beautiful finish. Chanel Joues Contraste blushes in the US formulation continue to be my favourite powder blush formula.


I wore Fandango in several face of the day posts which can be seen here.