BECCA Romanticism Eye Tint from Balearic Love Collection - Swatches, Pics, Review

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I think the Romanticism Eye Tint from BECCA's Balearic Love collection may have been the item I was most excited to try. I've always wanted to try BECCA's Lip and Cheek Tints as well as the Eye Tints. When I read Mauve Bronze as the shade description it went immediately into my Zuneta cart!

An ingenious eye crème with a unique formulation that glides on as a crème and sets to a powder. This long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant tint is easy to apply, offering adjustable levels of sheer to high pigment colour.

Now being my first Eye Tint purchase I have nothing else to compare it to but Romanticism is indeed just a tint. The product description indicates that the pigment level is buildable from sheer to high pigment but I was unable to achieve more than a sheer finish. I tried three different times with and without a primer underneath. I think if I had watched the product demo video from Zuneta's website prior to ordering I probably wouldn't have gone ahead and ordered it. It is pretty evident from the video that it is sheer. I guess one should expect that with a product named tint but I was expecting more of a cream eyeshadow formula.

Zuneta presents BECCA ¬ Romantacism Eye Tint from Zuneta Beauty on Vimeo.

The shade is beautiful. A shimmering bronze with a hint of mauve. In person (at least with mine) it doesn't look as mauve as it does on the back of her hand in the video above. It looks pretty much strictly bronze. The swatch pics below show a heavy blob and a slightly blended out swipe of product. I wasn't able to achieve the depth on my eyes as in the swatch below as it is still a fairly heavy swatch. The formula has a thin consistency. BECCA's Eye Tint is indeed water resistant as I had a heck of a time washing off my arm swatch. 

Here is a photo of the product applied over a primer. I patted it on and layered it twice. I couldn't seem to intensify the pigment through layering. I can see this being a nice water resistant primer under eye shadow.

I purchased this from Zuneta who ships internationally.