Beauty Minis ~ Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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One thing about the holidays that I really love is all the gift sets beauty brands come out with including mini sized versions of their products. I LOVE minis. Being the beauty nut that I am, I have a lot of products. I rarely, if ever, finish a product because I have so many products I love to choose from and I always try and share the love and give use to all of them. Now that said, it doesn't stop me from wanting more. Beauty minis are perfect for this because it gives me an affordable way to add a variety of products into my collection in a size that is a little more practical. On the complete other side of the spectrum beauty minis are perfect for the beauty lover, or beginning beauty dabbler, that doesn't have a lot of products in their collections to choose from. It gives them an assortment of new shades/products to try that they may not have considered, and the option to later purchase a full sized version of the items they really fall in love with.

Sephora is a great source of a huge assortment of holiday sets from a wide range of brands. Some sets, like Sephora's Favorites collections, offer you sets containing products from a variety of brands.

Here are some fun mini options you can buy as stocking stuffers, put on your wishlist, or heck just run out and buy for yourself. That's what I do!

Beauty Minis - Holiday Stocking Stuffers

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